My tutorials have been set to private, If you wish to view them, Please give me your username OR your email, Thank you, Sorry about the inconvenience


Got Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations!

I will be going live soon! So please watch it. I will try to attempt 100% on it

So please watch me live here soon!

Broadcasting Final Fantasy 13-2 Live Soon!

Yes I will be broadcasting Final Fantasy 13-2 If you do want to watch it live please go here!

I am not going to broadcasting right now, I will soon. So please check back! I will keep you posted on my twitter or here!

Uploading test video using xsplit

Hello! I am going to upload a test video using xsplit which is an awesome program and easy to use,

I used my roxio game capture and my webcam to do this recording, But the problem was the audio like always, I should of used my headset, But I didn’t, I’m still going to upload it. Just to see the quality.

New links are now up!

-Golden Sun Dark Dawn Here!

-Pokemon Black & White Here!

-R4 Cheats Tutorial (Cheat code Editor) Here!

There are games still missing, Im still trying my best too look for them, So please be patient. This we’re highly requested that I would fix, So here they are. (Click on “Here!” To go to the post!)

Games that are still missing

-Pokemon HG/SS No crash Tutorial Still missing Here!

Megaupload links & Dead Links

Megaupload links are now permanently dead so they won’t work anymore, It will honestly take me sometime to get them all up again. Also the problem is that I don’t have my files anymore. So it’ll take me sometime to get my links up and running again. So please be patient. Thank you for understanding.

People are having problems with links

People are having problem with links, such as MU (Megaupload) I’ll be sure to change it to mediafire soon πŸ˜› thank you for telling me!

Finally done with BF3!

I am finally done with Battlefield 3. Time to move on with Syoban Action & Final Fantasy 13 Tomorrow!

Youtube profile done!

Yup, I’ll already with the my new channel description.

Things that you should know what my new channel description

I’ve actually changed it a bit and it’s like a little update. It tells when I started my game and when I finished it, It also tells you what I’m currently doing with it.

Ex. 1. Assassin’s Creed

-Start Jan 21, 2012

-Finish ?

Currently – Making more videos

It’s sorta like that basically.

Also on my “About me” Section It’s actually a soon project meaning that I’ll be working on those games, And my channel description should change when I’m doing the game. πŸ˜€

So that’s about it! Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

Youtube Profile Update

I’ll be updated my youtube profile soon, I won’t be changing the background just yet, But i’ll be updating the “About me” section and the rest.

And so far with “Syoban action & Final Fantasy 13” Videos, I’ll be doing that right after my birthday. I think I can be able to upload all the BF3 video before my birthday.